Ranjana Khanna

Ranjana Khanna

(كانون الأول ١٩٦٦ - الحاضر)

Ranjana Khanna is a literary critic and theorist recognized for her interdisciplinary, feminist and internationalist contributions to the fields of post-colonial studies, feminist theory, literature and political philosophy. She is best known for her work on melancholia and psychoanalysis, but has also published extensively on questions of post-colonial agency, film, Algeria, area studies, autobiography, Marxism, the visual and feminist theory. She received her Ph.D in 1993 from the University o...

النبذة منقولة من موقع ويكيبيديا وقد عدّلت النبذة آخر مرة في نيسان ٢٠٢٤.

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