راكيل بهنام

راكيل بهنام

(أيار ١٩٩٥ - الحاضر)

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At 0 months, she graduated from her mother's womb. Then she was a student at CSj, CCJ, ASG, and finally graduated from NDL, with a diploma in Literature and Humanities.In 2016, she graduated with honors from ALBA with a degree in Advertising.A week after her graduation, she was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL (just a cute name for T-Cell Acute Lymopoblastic Leukemia).In 2017, being a fan of graduations, she graduated from Hopital Hotel-Dieu de France with excellent biopsy results.She published her first book, Sense of Tumor, of course not knowing there was going to be a sequel due to an unfortunate relapse.In 2018, she attended the Middle East Institutional Hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant, and graduated that same year again with excellent biopsy...

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