Tunis, Kairouan & Carthage

Tunis, Kairouan & Carthage

Graham Petrie (مؤلف/مؤلفة)

غير خيالي

نشرت الطبعة سنة 1985 باللّغة الإنجليزية
Tunis, Kairouan and Carthage – the very names conjure up visions of ‘a hundred dramatic scenes and incidents which have governed the subsequent history of the world’. In this volume (writeen at the beginning of the twentieth century) Graham Petrie gives a thorough and detailed account of the history and contemporary life of these Tunisian habitations. But this is no mere travel guide: the author’s first-hand acquaintance with the places and people he describes is evident in the absorbing narrative and delicate watercolours which are reproduced in full colour.
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سياق، تنوع، وكتب ممتعة