Possible Histories

Possible Histories: Arab Americans and the Queer Ecology of Peddling

Charlotte Karem Albrecht (مؤلف/مؤلفة)

غير خيالي

نشرت الطبعة سنة 2023 باللّغة الإنجليزية

Many of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who immigrated to the US beginning in the 1870s worked as peddlers. Men were able to transgress Syrian norms related to marriage practices while they were traveling, while Syrian women accessed more economic autonomy though their participation in peddling networks. In Possible Histories, Charlotte Karem Albrecht explores this peddling economy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as a site for revealing how dominant ideas about sexuality are imbricated in Arab American racial histories. Karem Albrecht marshals a queer affective approach to community and family history to show how Syrian immigrant peddlers and their interdependent networks of labor and care appeared in interconnected...

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