Stories and Scenes from Mount Lebanon

Stories and Scenes from Mount Lebanon

محمود خليل صعب (مؤلف/مؤلفة)

جبور عبدالنور (تمهيد)

السرد غير الخيالي

نشرت الطبعة سنة 2004 باللّغة الإنجليزية
At the outbreak of civil war in 1975 Mahmoud Khalil Saab realised that Lebanon would be changed forever. A man with a deep love for his country, he immediately set about recording eye-witness accounts of terrible events as they unfolded, as well as stories and anecdotes passed down from one generation to the next.Drawing upon historical documents and old folkloric tales of wrestling bears, sword sparring, and dancing goats, these stories convey not only the horrors of war, but also the rich social and religious diversity of a country whose legacy of generosity, courage and tolerance is rapidly being eroded by a climate of greed.Stories and Scenes is a moving testament to the pride and heritage of this ‘small beautiful country’.

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