The Life of Saladin

The Life of Saladin

Sir Hamilton A.R. Gibb (مؤلف/مؤلفة)

Robert Irwin (تمهيد)

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Saladin, the Kurdish founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty, ruled Egypt and Syria, made enemies of the fabled Assyrians and conquered Jerusalem in 1187, repelling the Crusaders (and prompting their resurgence in the Third Crusade). His chivalry and impeccably honourable conduct became enshrined in European as well as Muslim lore, influencing a long line of poets and historians.Sir Hamilton Gibb’s seminal account of Saladin’s life calls upon the works of two men in particular – Baha’ ad-Din ibn Shaddad (d.1234), a military judge who served under Saladin and ‘Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani (d.1201), Saladin’s private secretary.Carefully researched and thoroughly annotated, Gibb’s classic remains an essential source for historians of the ruler, the region and the period, as well as an excellent introduction for readers whose image of Saladin remains rooted in legend.

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