مصطفى الميناوي

مصطفى الميناوي

(١٩٧٤ - الحاضر)

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Mostafa Minawi was born in Beirut to Palestinian parents. He immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 15. His first book "The Ottoman Scramble for Africa: Empire and Diplomacy in the Sahara and the Hijaz" was published in 2016 by Stanford University Press and deals with Ottoman imperial rule and inter-imperial competition for Eastern Sahara and its trans-imperial impact on Ottoman administration in the Hijaz. It was translated into Turkish in 2018, and into Arabic by the Africa Institute in Sharjah in 2023. His second book "Losing Istanbul: Arab-Ottoman Imperialists and the End of Empire" was published in 2022 and is an intimate history of global events told through the lives of several Arab-Ottoman imperialists from the Levant...

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Losing Istanbul
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