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قائمة القراءة مقدمة من فريق "Decolonize Palestine" الذين اختاروا بعناية قائمة شاملة من الكتب لتوسيع معرفتكم بكل ما يتعلق بفلسطين. تتراوح الكتب من الروايات والسير الذاتية إلى النصوص الأكاديمية والتاريخية. تقدم القوائم تعريف الأساسيّات، تفكيك الأساطير، وتقدم أيضاً مراجع وقصص عن الصهيونية، والاقتصاد السياسي، والحركات الاجتماعية، والجندر، وقضايا مجتمعات الميم-عين ، والمزيد.

100 كتب

The Naqab Bedouins
Israel and Its Palestinian Citizens
The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-2000
A Little Piece of Ground
The Secret Life of Saeed
A Child in Palestine
On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements
The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel
Where Now for Palestine?
The Battle for Justice in Palestine
One Country
Mapping My Return
Palestinians in Israel
In Search of Fatima
Except for Palestine
Freedom Is A Constant Struggle
In Our Power
Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions
Narrating Conflict in the Middle East
Enforcing Silence
Manufacturing Consent
On Palestine
The Palestinians
Decolonizing Palestinian Political Economy
The One-State Solution
Dishonest Broker
Obstacle to Peace
Fateful Triangle
The False Prophets of Peace
Mountain against the Sea
Before the Next Bomb Drops
Palestine on a Plate
The Storyteller of Jerusalem
Silencing the Sea
Dreams of a Nation
A History of Modern Palestine
The Political Economy of Aid in Palestine
The Gaza Strip
Stone Men
The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation
The Emergence of a Palestinian Globalized Elite
Palestine Ltd.
Palestinian Labour Migration to Israel
Beyond Chutzpah
Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Ten Myths About Israel
The Hundred Years' War on Palestine
A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine
Rediscovering Palestine
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
The Persistence of the Palestinian Question
Palestinian Art
The Earth in the Attic
The Woman from Tantoura
This Is Not a Border
Israel's Dead Soul
Uncivil Rites
The Butterfly's Burden
Revolt in Palestine in the Eighteenth Century
Palestinian Identity
The Iron Cage
Under Siege
Palestine's Children
باب الشمس
Peace And Its Discontents
The Politics of Dispossession
Blaming the Victims
The Question of Palestine
Out of Place
بينما ينام العالم
فلسطين تصحو
Palestinians in the Arab World
The Transformation of Palestine
Beyond Occupation
Shell Shocked
أرض أكثر وعرب أقل
Palestinian Politics after Arafat
Gaza in Crisis
The Politics of Denial
The Palestine Nakba
Expulsion Of The Palestinians
All That Remains
Against the Loveless World
An Oral History of the Palestinian Nakba
The Politics of Partition
The Balfour Declaration
Hidden Histories
The Idea of Israel
The Origins of Palestinian Nationalism
Comrades and Enemies
From Haven To Conquest
Before Their Diaspora
Imperial Perceptions of Palestine
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