Beginnings: Fall 2018

العدد 1 من مجلة ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

The first-ever issue of ArabLit Quarterly brings together short stories and poetry by exciting Arabic-language writers translated into English such as South Sudanese writer Stella Gaitano, Syrian short-story writer Zakariya Tamer, Palestinian poet Asmaa Azaizeh (translated into English, French, and Dutch), Lebanese poet Wadie Saadeh, Egyptian writer Muhammad Abdelnabi, Saudi writer Raja Alem, and others. Also: An open letter from novelist Sofia Samatar to deceased writer Tayeb Salih. A playlist to go with Mohamed Rabie's apocalyptic novel "Otared." A talk between graphic novelist Zeina Abirached and Olivia Snaije. With translations by award winners Marilyn Hacker, Yasmine Seale, Robin Moger, and more.

الأعداد الأخرى

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