Begin Again

Begin Again: Winter 2022

العدد 15 من مجلة ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

A celebration of BEGINNINGS, this BEGIN AGAIN issue brings together some of the work in our first issue -- in a new form and design -- with other work about the process of beginning.

Dima Ayoub and maia tabet talk about the beginnings of a career in translation, Sofia Samatar pens a letter to the great, deceased author Tayeb Salih, Marilyn Hacker translates a short-short story by Zakaria Tamer, Hanan Natour talks with the poet Munsif al-Wahaybi. Waadie Saadeh writes about the body, in translation by Suneela Mubayi, and we have three of the four stories shortlisted for the inaugural ArabLit Story Prize.

You will also find a few works about the tension between beginnings and endings. We have Aya Nabih’s “Resection,” in translation...

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